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The governor’s inauguration marked the beginning of Brown’s last term— term limits prohibit another extension — and some in the audience wondered if the First Lady, by referencing her own family background in her introduction of him, meant to signal that the spotlight might next turn to her. “People were joking, ‘Here’s the next senator,’” Jim Wunderman, the president of a business group, the Bay Area Council, told me.(From “Special Counsel: Anne Gust Brown is the Most Powerful First Lady in the Country,” California Sunday, June 2015)



When I opened the door, and my niece came bounding inside and took a running leap into my arms, I can’t explain the feeling I had. I want to call it euphoric. But I know how that makes me sound. As if this might have been the onset of some kind of episode.

(From “I, Buffalo,” O. Henry Prize Stories 2015)

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